Faiza Suman Ameer -The Inspired Artist


I want to give the ways that how to live a happy life? What we should have to do in our life? What we are? What we have? What we can get? I simply said that what is life?

We all know life is important for us, but are we important for life? It matters. Yeah we are the leaders. Everyone is a king or a queen of his\her own created fantasy world, We all have unique qualities.

I want to transfer ways how to live a happy life by my words… Feelings… Emotions… By my thoughts.

One of the best motivation power is just hidden in ourselves. Its self-belief, self-confidence or supernatural Powers …
ʍaҡɛ ʏօʊʀsɛʟʄ ċօռʄɨɖɛռt .. ʍօtɨʋatɛɖ, քʀօʊɖ, ɦaքքʏ, ɖʀɛaʍʏ

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