Cristiano Ronaldo: Rising Against the Odds

Hurry up!! we are going late for funeral . And when reached there he was just stucked at a place due to shock. And uttered a word “Daddy” . Sitting beside the dead body of his father the tears were being dropped from his eyes continuously. His each tear had an individual story. There was the flashback of past in his.mind .


When his first tear rolled on his cheeck , he remembered that how in the city FUNCHAL , a baby boy took birth and how his gardener father assembled a large family of about five members in a small house. There was the happiness when his father named him on the basis of his favourite actor . And most important how the boy entered in a football team where his father was a kitman .


When.his second tear dropped on his shirt, he remembered that how he was sent to lisbon at age of 10 and has to leave his home . But was homesick crying for all the night but this hero assembled himself even in this critical situation . This was not the only barrier stopping the path of success . Even at the age of 15 , he was diagnosed TACHYCARDIA (racing heart) . He had only two options , either to leave the football or undergo the laser surgery . As the passion takes preference. So he decided to have surgery and with full determination was again back to training. And then he played so well that he won so many matches and very soon became the most popular footballer.


His most painfull tear which was dropped on the face of his father , and he memorized by looking at him. That at age of 52 , due to over drinking his father lost his life. Sitting there he promised himself that he will never even touch the wine. He just crying went to room and hugged his football lying on bed. And he recalled he can’t even sleep without his football. His father had a biggest desire to make him the richest footballer so that he can also move in luxurious zone. Today this man has each and everything . There is no worth of even 1864 Cr in front of him.



Today he is the worlds best footballer . He only wished that once his father come back and look that how his son has fulfilled his desires. He took up the trophy and a voice echoed in his mind that the best footballer of FiFa and the award goes to one and only

Cristaino Ronaldo… yes he was ronaldo ,the heartbeat of million of hearts , the motivation for many players,the shadow for many orphans and the pulse of many cancer patients.This a person who never made tatoos on his body just due to blood donation.


Burying the dead body of his father there was only collection of many memories.Concluding it,the main objective of this article is that it doesn’t matter that how much gigantic the problems or obstacles you have in your life. The main thing that matters is that how do you tackle with that problem and crushing every worry you move on. Because you  have to live and live . So kindly never ever give up.


Author: Musawira

 Musawira is from the trait of humans who are Inspired, and like all of us at Inspired Trait, She also believes that inspiration is contagious and we should inculcate inspiration into at-least one person from every community.  

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