She with her diary was sitting at the study table; was crowded with the unforgettable past,challenging present and anxious future. She was apparently very calm but internally a noisous storm was packing her. A storm composed of remarks of people, criticism, love, hate and her untold feelings.

She was such a strong girl always smiling and laughing. Everyone ask her that how you remain so happy? How u are so smiley. But she was the only one who can feel the invisible tears rolling on her cheeks.

She was in form of many complex relations. As a daughter she was the platform of expectations where her caring father is always eager to see his daughter touch the acme of success. But a minor plick plock creates the confliction between them.

She as a sister had a strongest bond with her siblings. But the biggest penalty was that she has to become a role model for her siblings. Ahh! The toughest task.But every drop of her blood was pumping the name of them. And the most terrible situation is when she does everything for her siblings but cant even get pseudo respect and support.

She as a wife was the one who has to become the spinal cord of her husband. She has to put her existence back in front of him. Because she only knew to love him,care him and hear him. Her each and every breath was endured with the responsibility of his husband. But do you know that the most painful sensation is when you do your ultimate best for any relation but the response doesn’t appreciate the doings of yours.

She as a mother was the most pure relation . She backed down her wishes to fulfill the wishes of her child. She cant buy her Eid dress because she only has to become the smile on the  sad face of her child. Now read it with full control on your heart. That a mother whose existence doesn’t worth in front of his child; and she just hiding the tears went there without any arguments.

Yes she a girl gifted her whole life to her relations but never argued . These were the relations which she loved a lot . These relations taught her a lot. That how to survive alone, how to clean all the expectations when those people are not such as they should be. They left her in the dessert where the bareness was torturing her. She was being taken the most precious assets of her life. She was told to remain patient in each and every phase of life.

She was thrown in the long journey of life. While writing a tear dropped on the diary. She turned the page. OMG whole diary is wet. She didn’t realize that  she was weeping thoroughly. At once the words  uttered from her mouth. Oh what I did; i don’t wanna tell this to anyone. She closed the diary because these were her untold feelings, never to express, never to describe.


Author: Musawira

 Musawira is from the trait of humans who are Inspired, and like all of us at Inspired Trait, She also believes that inspiration is contagious and we should inculcate inspiration into at-least one person from every community.  


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