One day or day one , You decide   –   Paulo Coelho

The sentence is full of motivation. Motivation is a boost up in blue times or the ray of light in dark night. It’s basically hope , a hope for good or even best we take from any source either outside or inside ourselves. Motivation is required by us like our breaths. Motivation can lead someone to acme of success and exaltation.

We all need motivation at any stage or at every stage. We need a start-up or end up reward called motivation. The candle of hope in darkness of world or the bright rainbow after hurricane.

Being statistical, Motivation is of two kinds,  internal or intrinsic motivations and external or extrinsic motivations

  • Internal motivation


Internal motivation include the motivation we get from Autonomy, belongings, learning, curiosity and love. We do things to get peace of mind, satisfaction of soul, feeding the knowledge barrier we have , to accommodate with eagerness and passion we have to do certain things. Just like someone writes. She/He do so to satisfy herself/himself, to find peace and love. These feelings motivate us to do so, as its called Internal Motivation.

  • External Motivation

External motivation can be any thing, materialistic thing. Which urges you to do any work. It may be some kind of badges, stamps, money, fear of punishment or keenness to get any reward.


                                    Only you can be the savior of your aims


The best kind of motivation is self motivation. Self motivation is root of the motivation. You can motivate yourself, by yourself. You’ll have to pick yourself up from the collar to touch the heights beyond the skies, the freshness of roses, vibrance of sun rays and the joys of raindrops.

Fix up little motivations, celebrate little things , appreciate your little efforts. Just as you are stuck on abchapternto be completed, plan a hangout  after completing the task, or a nap either a chocolate..

No one can motivate you as beautiful as you can do for yourself.

You can even move without motivation, ‘sounds funny..!!’

But you do require it. Your heart and brain flatters your body muscles to do so.

Winding up the extension.

Try to be self motivated so that you’ll not require or beg anyone’s words or acts to motivate you.

When you are motivated and enthusiastic you can move the world, you can conquer the tribes of failures, you can enjoy, you can live..

Just stay inspired..

Stay motivated..


Author: Musfirah

Musfirah Tehreem is from the trait of humans who are Inspired, and like all of us at Inspired Trait, She also believes that inspiration is contagious and we should inculcate inspiration into at-least one person from every community.

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