Digital Love – It’s not you, it’s your social media behavior


“It’s not you it’s your social media behavior”

Before taking you to digital love people needs to understand what a real love means. Is it a feeling? Emotion? Thought? Sensation? Relationship? Attachment? We confuse these things with love but a relation is not important for love. It takes a lifetime to understand the depth of love. I will talk about real love in detail in my next upcoming article “A journey through the heart” because this article is about falling in love through social media. I designed a campaign for the youth who got betrayed by falling through social media. Everyone needs to understand, mostly the digital love works as trapping.



“People has posted behaviors over illusions. Sadly, we some get inspired by things, relationships, lifestyles that do not even exist”

Letter writing used as a purpose of communication during the period of war. Then letter writing got famous among friends and relatives with whom one can share their thoughts and secrets without hesitation. One can communicate easily through writing instead of face to face communication and the people started to express their love through letter writing. Online affairs is an upgraded style of letter-based writing. You cannot imagine the person with whom you are chatting is sincere with you. People can more easily be fraudulent themselves in messages, the act of writing raise your spirits to present a deeper and honest depiction of their true self.



“Some people are not really all that they post to be”

Nowadays the maximum cause of depression is social media. People who tend to spend more life on social media are more dissatisfied with their life. When you see a picture of your friend who was on a trip to a beautiful place, you got scared that everyone seems to be happy except you. But it’s not the truth. May be when they back to home they got depressed because of the same trip. A situation is a situation it is not a lifetime. There is no such thing as perfect people. It’s a filter. This is one of the biggest problems of social media. It gives the ability to Photoshop a person’s life, emotions, and personality. One can easily pretend there self through social media. You cannot understand a person even in their real life how can you cognize on Facebook? A human is a complex and unpredictable machine. Do not offer yourself to be fooled.  A person is not the one you think to be.


We as humans need to accept the reality that a picture, a status, a message or an emoticon is not enough to trust a stranger. Don’t let your sincere emotions be damaged this way. The emptiness in you cannot get fulfilled through social media. Try to save your real feelings for your real family, friends and the most importantly God and the person who really loved you. It’s a very genuine issue that is making our life difficult.

Author: Tehrema


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