Violent Protests – Asia Bibi’s Blasphemy Case!

‘Protesting against something is your RIGHT but taking law into your own hands is a CRIME’

Asia Bibi, a Pakistani Christan woman was accused of blasphemy in 2009 and the court ordered her death penalty. After 8 years the case reopened and she was freed by Supreme Court on 2nd November 2018 because of no witnesses and proofs against her…


The allegation of blasphemy flames religious extreme in Pakistan. Without knowing the right or wrong people demand death sentence for the accused.  Tahreek-e-Labbaik Pakistan Chief Khadim Hussain Rizvi ordered massive protests in the whole country. This protest was continued for three days. There was a complete shutdown in every city. Protestors started destroying public property, blocking roads and torching vehicle and spreading fear among the people.

Traffic was fully blocked and roads were seen empty during these three days. All private and government sectors were closed because of security threats. Routes were blocked in all major cities all conveyance services were suspended. A hotel in the mid-city was knocked down by so-called Islamists. Motorways and major railway stations were blocked, badly affecting the infrastructure.


One of the heart-wrenching incidents was when a protestor broke the glass of a bus full of passengers and damaged one eye of a newly born baby girl. Then the protestors opened fire during the protest and killed two people among themselves. Is this the right way to protest? Destroying someone’s source of earning? Making them physically disable? Or damaging the piece of land where you live? A mob was seen threatening a teen selling bananas and depriving him of his livelihood. Don’t they have a heart for the poor?

Their unlawful acts were done only for the demand of Asia’s death sentence but from these happenings, the color of religious extremism is clearly evident. The protesting bodies have no sense of how to express and demonstrate their request to the government.


By taking the advantage of protests, religious political parties have tried to increase their vote bank and ordinary people have settled their personal scores. Such an aggressive attitude against Asia’s verdict aroused a stream of fear against the whole minority Christian community in Pakistan.

Protests in Pakistan should be peaceful it might not destroy the country’s economy. Destroying one’s earning source, killing the sole earners of certain families is an inhuman act. Pakistan is a struggling country, its people should be sensible enough to love their country. Unfortunately, some negative elements are declining its reputation by using the name of religion but “ISLAM” is the name of love and peace. From my point of view, these violent protests have nothing to do with human rights and the only target is common man’s life. This is highly condemnable, no matter, looked from at any angle.

Author: Maria Maken

Maria is a Human Rights activist, who believes that Human Rights are above all. She is a Specialist in Literature Studies and through her literary knowledge, she wants to create awareness and positive changes in society.


  1. People are taking advantage? But dont you think government should do some measures? I feel the government has failed to control the circumstances… Protests continued for 3 days. Shouldn’t the government stopped it on first day?
    Anyhow, great !

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    1. I think considering the sensitivity of the issue, it’s not possible to use force straight away. But yes government could have adopted a better strategy. A bit more proactive approach could have saved many losses.

      Liked by 2 people

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