Have an Attitude of Gratitude

A poor life this if, full of cares,

We have no time to stand and stare.

~W.H Davies

We have a very fast track in life. We all are in hurry to do our duties. We take our duties as a burden. We don’t enjoy the little things. We are just grateful when we have something major or big. Our happiness is based on huge, huge things.

We enjoy very big things, just like a great new job, a huge amount of money, a flawlessly happy marriage, an absolutely grand and perfect house or a trip to London, with a wholehearted enjoyment.

Even after all these blessings and happiness, our thankfulness is faded. Slowly, our little blessings are counted as a burden by us. We come back to the square one.

We always want more, and even better. Bitter, but the truth is that we are never satisfied. We always seek more, more and more. Our philosophy of life is changing to be fitted in this broken and merciless society, we don’t think a second about the satisfaction. Many people around us, gabble to fulfill their requirements, even if they’d have to spend sleepless nights in return. All of us, are being the shallow persons; ironically.

Can you relate what I am saying!?

With the passage of time, most of us realize that real happiness is not in hugest or the grand. Happiness is hidden in small tiny memoirs and moments. If we want to be happy, genuinely happy. We must learn how to take life a blessing day by day and be appreciative and grateful for every little thing and even the mishaps happen to us, this is all about being thankful. When we ponder around we can see that everything has a joy or a particle of joy. We come to know every disguise is a blessing. When we start living our lives for little things. Our life become more precious and worthy.

We should live for little things, the little joys. Tiny moments of great importance.

Live for a cup of hot tea in chilly nights, for meeting the favourite ones, for unpeeling the peanuts with whole family, for the laughters that make you roll on the floor, for the moon that shines in night or the sun brightens in the day, live for the people who live for us, and the people who make you feel that the world is not just harsh and cold, live for helping others and lifeless people who can’t enjoy as we do. ‘There’s nothing wrong to be someone’s sometime’.

We will realize what eternal happiness is. When we realize that happiness is not in just big things, that a looming on the horizon.

Happiness is something small either, finding a chocolate that you forgot to eat, or giving someone the very last sip of your creepy coffee. Real happiness is genuine and small.

Find happiness in your hectic heartbeats, find serenity in chaos, find comfort in discomfort, find peace in weird, find sane in insane. Do little things with full of your heart, let things go happily. Believe on the Qadr(fore-written) & don’t cry over any.. thing.

Find joy in ordinary to make it extraordinary.

Have an attitude of gratitude.

Author: Musfirah

Musfirah Tehreem is from the trait of humans who are Inspired, and like all of us at Inspired Trait, She also believes that inspiration is contagious and we should inculcate inspiration into at-least one person from every community.

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