Equal Rights For Women At Work Places

The word women means a female person who plays a significant role in the life of a particular man. A woman is a Mrs., a bride, a companion, a doll, a girl, a girlfriend, a mama, a mate, a miss, an old lady, a partner, a spouse, a sweetheart. Allah has created this universe and men and women are the part of this universe.

Man, on the other hand, means that any member of the society or a family characterized by superior,ìntelligence, articulate speech. Someone who served in armed forces, someone who take charge of certain jobs, certain works. Man is being, character, strong, creature, fleshy, humanity, individual, mortal, person, brave and soul.


Both men and women are the main body of the universe. But in the social, political and economic perspective, we consider women inferior to men. In every field, she occupies lower position and status than men.

Why it so happen?

As Allah says: All Men and Women are Equal. Then why we make distinctions in these sexes? Why we consider men superior and women inferior? Why women didn’t get equal rights at workplaces?

As the matter of fact, men and women are equal. They are born equal. Allah has created no distinctions between them. They both can get equal opportunities. But in this global world, men are always trying to suppress this delicate sex. But in universities, schools, and colleges the number of women is greater than men. In foreign countries, many women are offering their services like police officers, some as traffic inspectors, some as air hostesses, some women have started their daycare centers and some as Journalists.


Men don’t have a willingness to risk their lives ,desire for adventures ,to give respect to anyone and to control his emotions and anger . But women has this willpower , desires for adventures but unfortunately this delicate sex is suppressed by the higher authorities and especially her superior Men.

As it is said;

 ”Behind every successful man,there is the woman”

Through this above statment, we came to know that women have power, will, strength and aims to achieve anything which she desires. But as she is suppressed by men , she still uses all her abilities and capabilities to make men successful. But again she is suppressed and underestimated by men.

She is only desirous for the opportunities and for the chances. If opportunities and chances are given to her she can make the best use of these opportunities and the above-mentioned statement may change as:

”Behind every successful woman, there is no men but a woman herself”

We cannot say that there is a man behind her success because he is the only cause of her problems.  Men are the only reason for her unwillingness and suppression.

Through this article, I ensure that all women especially those women who are facing any form of discrimination, based on sex, discrimination in the form of barriers to work in the fields from which she is excluded from the very beginning, facing any kind of barriers are far behind in the field of life. Despite all these barriers and discriminations, women should try to make their mark in every field and she can if she will do it.

Author: Dania Riaz– The Social Torch Bearer

Dania Riaz


  1. To the universe and references by which we are inspiring, seeking us the equality of unverse as Islam explores the qualities, quantities and finally sex. The thought is good but would you like to clear that why Islam prohibited the ruling of women?


  2. Astonishing thoughts…. Gr8 job dania…. Keep expressing ur vision by ur words for the betterment of humanity … 👍Proud of you 😊


  3. Inspiring words… outstanding article…such a great job….blessed to have such talented pearls in our Pakistan ….keep it up …may ur efforts will be fruitful ever….. Allah bless u with His unlimited blessing my dear💕…. humble prayers for ur such efforts ….☺☺☺☺☺


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