37 Comments to Equal Rights For Women At Work Places

  1. To the universe and references by which we are inspiring, seeking us the equality of unverse as Islam explores the qualities, quantities and finally sex. The thought is good but would you like to clear that why Islam prohibited the ruling of women?

  2. Astonishing thoughts…. Gr8 job dania…. Keep expressing ur vision by ur words for the betterment of humanity … 👍Proud of you 😊

  3. Inspiring words… outstanding article…such a great job….blessed to have such talented pearls in our Pakistan ….keep it up …may ur efforts will be fruitful ever….. Allah bless u with His unlimited blessing my dear💕…. humble prayers for ur such efforts ….☺☺☺☺☺

  4. Brave and bold thought process as it needed to be. Very well categorized. Truly felt like it’s written from the heart.
    Keep it up. 👍

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