She Wants to be her own Crown!


Fairsex was either born in an anonymous house of an anonymous city or in a royal house, In both conditions, they have similar desires but then again stuck at the same point ‘’cut your dress according to your cloth’’. Reaching the quality of this sheet, this fairsex keeps falling into itself and use to say that,

Either fall from the heart

                Or fall into the heart

But incomplete desires get incomplete and fall into anxiety and still not fall from the heart and also not fall into the heart. From that existence, God has made this universe colorful then why her life is empty and frustrated.

It is used to hearing that God has made women for the comfort of men but why it is not said that in which corner of the world should women go to seek comfort. A lady who is not permitted even to go to the door of her house. It’s common to say that,

  The soft tone of Bnt e Hawa

       Made contorting Ibn e Adam

It’s not admirable. Why you think that she is responsible for every corrupted thing. If she remains soft tone, she has an allegation that she made Ibn e Adam contorting and if this paltry creature demonstrates hardness in her tone then she has calumnies of mannerless and rude. After all what she can do?


One aspect which makes her life achromatic is the underestimation. On the one hand, this paltry creature serving the roles of chief, Maid, Sweeper, Housewife, Caretaker, Problem solver, and Psychologist. On the other hand, she is nothing. Either she is inside the house or outside the house, she is degraded.

Allah has gifted this fairsex with the great willpower. She has the power to overcome the entire problems. She has the power to hide all the secrets in her heart and never even thinks to break the ice in front of anyone. She doesn’t want to overrule others. She just wants her small empire where nobody can monopolize. Where she can fulfill her all desires and dreams.

She doesn’t demand any monopolization or leadership from society. Society can rule her life until she allows them to overrule.


Everyone in this world wants high name and status. Women deserve far better respect and status than the society is currently offering them. To seek identity, to seek respect, to seek good status are her basic rights. If she becomes daring and goes outside the house to make her identity then she is regarded as hoggish, unethical and dirtier.

Every human has a desire and struggles to gain fame and to make their identity so for God sake also consider fairsex as a human being because she wants to be her own crown.

Author: Iram Iqbal – The Social Activist

Iram Iqbal


  1. Inspiring words… outstanding article…such a great job….blessed to have such talented pearls in our Pakistan ….keep it up …may ur efforts will be fruitful ever….. Allah bless u with His unlimited blessing my dear💕…. humble prayers for ur such efforts ….☺☺☺☺☺


  2. U did such a great survey on our society that how people degrade womens to be there own crown And yess I appretiate ur work well done Irum 👍🏻


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