Why we need to THINK different? The SAME is never Extraordinary!

“The SAME is never Extraordinary”

Don’t ask the world around you, ask yourself.

Don’t follow the crowd, follow your heart.

Don’t do what’s popular, do what’s true to yourself.

Don’t be the SAME, be significant.

If you want to achieve, THINK DIFFERENTLY.


Everyone wants something big something different but no one is ready to do differently. When you follow what the majority is doing you will definitely get what they already have. The path on which you are running after each other for the destination is the path already broken. The surface also comes with the unanswered question it comes with never knowing what’s possible.

Being like the same is just like a medicine that fulfills the immediate need and you are not going to identify your real potential. A real change means is thinking differently. If you are rejected lots of time in your life you will get afraid of doing the things that will lead to a rejection because you don’t want to experience it again. Is it right? No, it’s wrong, the way you are thinking.

A person had a break up once, he thinks that everybody is doing bad in this world. The reality is different. The world is comprised of good and bad also. We need to force ourselves for thinking good. While we try we will get better because practice makes a man perfect.

When we think well, we choose good and will certainly get good


“As a man thinks in his heart, so is he”

Everything starts with a single thought. Now it depends on you, will you make that thought your thinking? Or starting focus on the things that can bring good in the world. The world is already full of conflicts and negativity, don’t mark our degrees just as a piece of paper we have a duty to put our efforts to bring the change that will lead to a different thinking.

You have to solve your problem yourself by changing the way you think. Everyone needs to understand that everything we do it affects other people even a tiny little thing. When we do something positive that positive energy will transfer to another person and transform his negativity into a positive thought. A single person’s positivity can change the mind of thousands of people. And ultimately the way we think.


“Nothing will be different until we think differently

Every single person has darkness in himself and that’s okay. If you feed that darkness it will grow to a never-ending nightfall. Things don’t work out like the way you think they will. You need to be honest with yourself and stop trying to make things happen. Majority of people are doing their daily tasks with dishonesty. We are humans we are the most reputable in all living and non-living creations. We have to make honesty our core foundation. If you work on anything with honesty it brings perfection you can do anything and everything in this world.

Our next generation is depending on us, we need to enhance our understanding of thinking positive to bring positive. We need to redraw the lines and expand our vision. If you are thinking like everyone else, then you are not thinking because you are more than you think.

Author: Tehrema Khalid


Author: Inspired Trait

Analysing the Chemicals of Motivation and Inspiration; and researching to balance the Chemical Equation of Inspiration and Productivity.

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