Feminism – A Deception or a Deservance


The history of feminism is not too old this concept introduced by europian people, and then it penetrate in our culture too due to their highly focused and their work to penetrate in our Islamic culture, Now in Pakistan women wants freedom and according to their point of view women are better than men and they wants freedom in everything due to following European culture, they Invest money to penetrate these concepts. But our prophet said men is better than women and Allah gave higher rank than women, If we go through and study Islam you will see many examples, Allah give the distribution of property double than the women, I will share one of talk  of Prophet( S.A.W) , He said If the body of a men is full of peep  . Then Allah ordered that the sip all those peeps from your husband’s body, This is your right. How the women follow the culture of western people we are Muslim and we have to answer to our Allah and we believe in Allah and we accept our prophet how we can accept this western concept. I believe that In mostly homes women are facing many problems and many ignorances we have to give them their rights and to fulfill their wishes in the circle of Islam. But the feminists want the right according to Islam and her thinking her dressing against Islam. They wants Islam and rights according to their wish.

For most women, feminism means women are better than men and not that men and women are equal. For me? They are not even comparable. It’s like comparing a blanket to the moon: nonsensical and unnecessary.

Life is a test for everyone. Men and women have different purposes to life, different circumstances, different physical attributes to deal with it. It is unreasonable to bring it down to just one problem: we are treated differently because we are women. We need to grow up and realize that both genders have to fight every day just to be acknowledged as humans in this country. The media and ideas of the west have brainwashed us into thinking that everything can be smoothed out if this problem is solved. It is not so. We, as Pakistanis, have enough on our plates to have time enough to get into a debate about gender equality. We haven’t quite reached a point where this issue can be highlighted as an issue. We have to solve the rest of the more dilemmas regarding our survival.

My generation thought women were empowered did we deceive ourselves? The way out of this conundrum is by scrutinizing the definition of feminism: advocacy of women rights, but many feminist dodge the fact and misrepresent feminism. It’s not a movement to make women equal to men, which frames male-culture as an ideal goal to which women should reach, rather feminism is a demand of liberation of women from patriarchy and misogyny that harms women, to beckon women in the public representation, to encourage them to use their voices but feminist have shanghaied it according to their whims-and-fancies. Real feminism is to bring every gender together in a world free from classism, sexism, and racism.

“O mankind! Fear your Lord Who (initiated) your creation from a single soul, then from it created its mate, and from these two, spread (the creation of) countless men and women.” Al-Qur’an, (4:1)

“There is neither Jew nor Greek, slave nor free, male or female, for you all are one in Christ Jesus” Bible(Galatians 3:28)

“O son of Pṛthā, those who take shelter in me, though they be of lower birth – women, vaiśyas [merchants] and śūdras [workers] – can attain the supreme destination.” Bhagvat Gita (Bg 9.32)

No religion on earth denies honour and dignity of women. Feminism was concept, beautifully initiated by Islam. When females all over the world were tortured with rapes, burial (of female child) and Zihar (prohibiting ownself from marital relation with wife). Feminism means equal rights of both sexes. Above mentioned references enlighten the real aspect of feminism.

Lord has created a female from ribs of her spouse, neither from his head to become superior to him, nor from his feet to become inferior. The world has witnessed that nations with women working side by side to men have prospered miraculously.

Being feminist, I want every one of my pure land “Pakistan”, to be feminist and to courteously deliver equal rights to the female gender, which it deserves. I believe they can rise like a sun. I believe it, because women like Benazir Bhutto (Pakistan), Megawati Sukarnoputriv (Indonesia), Tansu Ciller (Turkey), Khaleda Zia (Bangladesh) and Sonia Gandhi (India) brought mental horizons in conservative society. Let’s broaden our minds and train our children to avail all of their rights they possess as well as to provide fellow-beings with theirs.

What I think about Feminism

The first era of feminism was in late 19th and 20th centuries when the women focused on protesting for legal issues and rights like voting and the inequality that was rising in the world and it was a useful movement since it resulted in women empowerment and confidence boost in female community. Despite some major disagreements, the women were emancipated. Nowadays, there is another wave of feminism taking over the world but this time it’s in a conflictual manner. A fight between Feminists and Chauvinist community is rising which is destroying the peace of the world at large. The rise of irrational issues is resulting in conflicts between the two intrinsic gender communities of the world. Extremism is ruling every corner and disturbing slogans about both men and women are leaping up to an alarming extent which is leading to a cold war. It is true that Men have conquered women for a long time and still, there are many women who live under the influence of non-superior gender-ism but, the fact here is that woman were kept in restrictions for a reason, by God. In the name of modernism women have debuted to compete in the modern world and that is a good thing but as a Muslim woman with the good sense of right and wrong, when you see the world’s ethics and culture drowning in the waves of feminism, you feel alarmed and disturbed by the misuse of this confabulation.

The women of today’s modern world, especially Muslim women, need to understand the fact that ‘Allah gave EQUAL rights to men and women. Not SAME!’ Women have proved themselves superior too by doing wonders that amaze the human senses but the excess of everything is erroneous and menacing.

Raising voice when you are oppressed, fighting for your rights, being acknowledged and getting the equal status in the society was the real cause of feminism, but today, we see women on streets with disturbing slogans in their hands about Men, about how they rule the society is foolish and it isn’t the real soul of what the world called Feminism once. Women nowadays are happy with degrading the other gender which is the opposite of the true meaning of Feminism.

Social media has influenced a lot of fallacious sense like this into people and on the other hand, they are just letting their minds drown in the flawed information without using their common sense and this is alarming for the world and upcoming generations who will be raised in a conflict between two genders with no sense of equality.

The advocacy of women rights has always been a critical issue. The world’s history is full of movements that enabled women to come at the front in political, economic and social spheres. As a result, women of today are enjoying the fruits of those efforts. However, it is a consistent struggle which I believe will remain till the end of the world.

Women have every right to raise their voice. I believe in the equality of humans but there is a difference between men and women. The differences do not make one superior or inferior to the other. Rather nature has gifted a unique set of qualities to both of them. There is a need to embrace the individuality of both men and women. These unique gifts can be put together to restore peace of the world and to deal with racism, poverty, and chaos of war.

Everyone has their own definition of Feminism Which varies from person to person. Some think feminism supports equality of both genders while others insist that feminism upholds the superiority of women over men. In the subcontinent, religion has been used as a tool to suppress women. They are kept on sidelines of society in the name of customs and norms. Many women are not even aware of their basic rights. Internalized misogyny is considered normal in Pakistani society.

In Pakistan, if you talk about feminism, you are negatively labeled as someone who is against Islam and its preaching. Little do they know that Islam is a religion that gives utmost respect to women. Recently Things have been changing slowly and gradually in Pakistan. Women like Asma Jahangir and Malala Yousafzai are a ray of hope for a Pakistani woman who suffers from every form of abuse silently.

Like everything in the world, feminism has its flaws and weaknesses. It is a relatively new movement in Pakistan so the term can be misinterpreted by some people. Some feminists tend to generalize things like “all men are trash” which cannot be true.

Feminism is definitely a deservance because it is a start to a journey of freedom for women who have been suppressed for so long. We should all observe what feminism has to offer with an open mind.

Author: Umme Aiman


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