How I came to be A Literary Person

Ever since I came into realization of something about professional, I wanted to be a Botanist. So one day I took a seed, dig a piece of land and sow it. I watered it, cleared the land and of course I prayed about it too. Then I waited and waited all the day till dusk but the tree didn’t come. After waiting for the whole day I left the idea to work with trees. They are too slow. Before you declare me a bit mentally retarded I like to tell you I was only eight years old that time.

After that, I switched my attention towards animals. I used to bring stray animals to home however it’s a sad fact that I could never had them as my pet. Pets are more expensive than children. All those stray animals were mostly cats or dogs and of relatively small size. Once I happened to visit a village. I took it as an opportunity to interact with animals a bit larger than me. So in order to satiate my thrust for a close observation of beauty of creature in the form of a cow, I came near to it. After a moment the whole world spun up and I was laid on the ground a few feet away. Under trauma and shock, I was unable to explain what happened. All I could hear was the laughter of my cousins. Later an eyewitness told me that the cow hit me. I was shocked as I had said nothing to the cow. I guess she was having her mood swings. But I didn’t lose my aim to interact with animals. This time I chose to communicate with the male partner of the cow who is less likely to have mood swings. But that ox was furious without any reason. It chased me furiously for 5 minutes and I had to climb a tree. Unfortunately, the tree was full of ants which did not understand my delirious situation and kept on stinging me. I had to endure their anger as the ox was still standing under the tree. Sitting in the tree I left the idea of communicating with animals instantly.

Torn between what “To be and not to be” I decided to be a doctor as it is easy to communicate to humans and they don’t sting or hit you….at least not without reason most of the time. I joined pre-medical classes in college. Oh, I forgot to tell you that I had grown up a little by that time. During my study as a pre-medical student, one day I got an opportunity to dissect an innocent and harmless frog. As my history with animals never had been good so I first properly anesthetize the frog. Then I cut that open with care but suddenly a strange thing happened. I guess I hadn’t used enough of the anesthesia; the frog woke up. Cut open, laying on the dissecting board the frog was staring me with cursed eyes. Being Asian I was most afraid of the curse. It was breathing furiously and painfully. Unable to find more amount of anesthesia and any guidance as I was a student of Government College, I cut down its one lung. Hey before judging me as a Sadist, keep in mind I was only a little girl scared of pain of that innocent frog. That was all I could do to give him an easy death. However, I don’t think Death is ever going to be easy. Standing in the Biology lab, facing the ruthless murdered body of an innocent animal (obviously an amphibian; I like to be general as it is always easy to be general) I left the idea of being a science person.

After that, I looked for any profession that is least harmful for me as well as to the subject of my dealing. So I decided to be a literary person. I read books and write about my experiences. I hope I m not murdering the language here. If I, then it is not that cruel from the perspective of well-civilized nations. Well, the pain of killing the language isn’t much familiar to many. But u can ask to Colonized nations about that kind of murder. This type of murder has a benefit: there is no bloodshed or pain apparently. So I thought as a safe profession by observing the history of playing with languages.

Do share with me your experience of choosing a profession and how you come to opt for your final professional life?

Author: Aena Khan


Author: Inspired Trait

Analysing the Chemicals of Motivation and Inspiration; and researching to balance the Chemical Equation of Inspiration and Productivity.

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