To Whom You Can Tell Your Secrets?

     Secrets are something to be hidden in yourself.


One must ponder, if he cannot keep his secrets to himself then how can he expect others to keep his secrets. It’s a long controversial. We all have intimate as well as blood relations but we all are being betrayed either in childhood or adulthood.

Though it’s a bitter reality that our beloved ones hurt us the most. Under these circumstances, we always tend to have attitude of not being too close to anyone so that he might not get on our nerves. If this happens then that person will take initiative to control us. When we become so close to someone, we start to blindly trust him by setting some expectations and that expectations hurt us deep. Everyone has felt that extreme pain which cannot be described in words. It’s not others fault that they betray us but its our.

Just for a moment, feel that your best friend or your partner for whom you have strong feelings of respect and trust, you feel that your life is not possible without him leaves you at sometime. Your personals and feelings are now the gossips then you get into depression.



                                             Most rumours stem from secrets.

We must try to understand that two can keep a secret if one of them is dead. We should have the guts to keep our inner heart within heart. As the harsh reality is when situation changes so people also do. It takes a long enough experience almost the whole life to understand ourselves as well as others. If we are not able to keep our secrets then we must be strong enough for being betrayed and seeing fun of our feelings. But No! No! No!

Being humans we are quite emotional and do bother other’s behaviour. It’s a universal truth that we do care what people say about us and those gossips pinch us so hard. So, we must be cautious in our dealings with others as this world is no more of humans. Everyone is having soft heart for his self and stone hearted attitude towards others.

                             Pretentiousness is more dangerous than open hearted enemy.

As everything has positive as well as negative aspects so as the secrets have. If they are to be told to someone and at sometime when time falls against you that person will make your life worse than hell by using that.

To whom you tell your secrets

                                                                          To him you cede your liberty

We must acknowledge the fact that real friend of us is our soul. It surely happens when someone get depressed he just wants to expel the heart burnings. We can get over our depression by catharsis. Everybody has darkest secrets which become burden as time goes on. The best way to get rid of these secrets is to write on paper and dispose it off or speak to yourself alone. This is also suggested by Psychologists.


It’s quite natural that we lighten our hearts to our friends by trusting them. We tell our weaknesses as well. But when situation changes they’ll press your nerves and will stand against you. We should not forget the bitter fact that listening ear might be attached to a rumouring mouth. There are many cases where people’s reputation is being destroyed by simply trusting and being betrayed by someone. So, we must try to keep our secrets as keeping secrets can be a very effective way of practising self control.

Author: Syeda Ayesha


Author: Inspired Trait

Analysing the Chemicals of Motivation and Inspiration; and researching to balance the Chemical Equation of Inspiration and Productivity.

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