Rights of Minorities in a Progressive Society

Minorities are a small group of people who are marginalised on the basis of sexism, racism and religion. Minorities rights should be protected because there is a great danger of violation of their rights by the majority group. Majority group might feel them superior and blaspheme minorities rights and harass them.

Transgender minorities

As in progressive societies, transgender communities are greatly neglected, ridiculed and are considered subservient. They are not given a window to thrive in their career in order to spend quality life. In progressive societies like Pakistan and India, the transgender community is looked down upon by majority sex. People do not realise that this group of gender is homo sapiens as the other two genders. People should realise that like all other diseases, it is a kind of disease and these people are not responsible for their particular abnormality. They are a creation of Allah Almighty like any other. The government should make a law to punish the member of the majority group if they use any mean to this abuse minority sex.

The need of an honour is to cater equivalent rights for this minority sex with respect to majority sexes. This can be initially accomplished by refining the behaviour of the members of progress society. Furthermore, giving this group an equal chance in getting education as well as equal opportunities in every domain of employment.


Religious minorities

Another minority is a group of people with different religions than that of the religious majority. A passionate leader, Quaid e Azam, the founder of Pakistan in his speech on 11th August 1947, expressed his views in following words: You are unbound to move to your temple, you are unbound to move to your mosque or to any other locality of veneration in the state of Pakistan. You may belong to any doctrine, social class or creed; that has nought to do with the business of the sovereign state.


Rights of religious minorities should be fenced by government authorities. Analogues to the religious majority they should freely visit their worship places. They should freely celebrate their religious festivals without any kind of hindrance by the majority group or government. As a citizen of Pakistan, extra 20 marks are awarded to the student who has learned Quran e Pak by heart ( Hafiz e Quran),I think  the students of any other minority religion should also be honoured with such kind of reward, who have command in their religious affairs likewise Hafiz e Quran in order to promote equal rights in the country. This will be expedient in helping the problems of majority population’s feeling them superior and religious minorities inferior. On the other hand, minority religion should have representation in the Senate and parliament, where they must be given appropriate position so they would be able to figure out the matters of religious minorities.

Disabled minorities 

Disabled people are also included in minority groups in progressive society, these people have almost no career opportunities. They feel themselves burden on their families and have the least desire of living in this world. This is because they are not able to earn for themselves, they are brutalised not only by society but even by their blood relations. So the government should take measures in order to provide special people jobs, in this way they would be able to earn for themselves. The government should also open free schools for crippled people from where they can gain quality education for their future career.


Not only the government should do its assessment but also majority population should open their heart for minorities and warmly welcome them. I highly recommend people to kindly give others space and try to accept others.

Author: Ayesha Farooq


  1. Ayesha I really appreciate your hard work.
    It is quiet interesting and should be carry out in our society, because being a human it is our moral and religious right.


  2. Such an amazing article…which reflects your way of thinking ayesha..transgender people should be given equal rights
    and respect.


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