Inspiration: An Irony of Console

Inspiration and console are often mixed in contextual meanings. Both should be different, and they are. The question is why we need console or inspiration? Well, everyone needs both. But not important, if they are not used correctly. Both are significant if they serve some purpose in need.


The main difference is that Consolation serves as comfort while inspiration gives courage. For sure encouragement is a long-term effect. Because to get & enhance something is different from just to get something. The question is also that what inspiration is in actual? Well, if someone is ill, you visit that person with flowers and words “Get well soon”, that’ll be consolation while if you visit the same person with the words like “your condition is serious, you must eat a healthy diet, have to do some exercise and you must be active, otherwise you’ll be died.” In first case the affected person will take your visit just a formality and will take some comfort if you are near and dear one to him. But in the second case, the same person after listening to your suggestions will take it as a symbol of true care, not just formality. And his mind & heart will also start preparing for any upcoming difficulty (a biological evidence). This will give him courage and bravery.

Inspiration is the need of everyone in life at some stage usually when one is dissatisfied with life. It is needed to be boosted up by a booster to do or say something. But one should inspire others with realistic approach, not using the wrong & false sayings or incidents. And one should also be inspired for doing something right, not wrong, with critical approach towards the real world, not in the hypothetical world.

Consolation is the need of everyone in life at some stage when nothing could be done beyond certain limits in specific happening. It is needed to be blessed by someone who is there to do something for you. But one should console someone if one is not in the need of inspiration or inspiration cannot be given to him. And one should get and accept consolation if he thinks that it is enough for him to move on in this world.

This whole world is at the mercy of inspiration & hope because they are required to do something, to explore something, to evaluate something critically, to be remembered, to bring peace in mind and heart and to get something seeming impossible. But again, in this world, not in the world of ideas. Inspiration is everything when the source is this material or the real world. But inspiration is dangerous or something not to be accepted if the source is the world of ideas. One should get inspiration from heroes or others if he is not able to get inspiration from his observations and experiences.

Because it is true that,

“If your story is not inspiring you, it’s time to change it.”

As just the consolation for self is too poisonous to get good grades in the exam and status of life and also it is not enough.

Authors: Eman Maani   Syed Muhammad Raza

Emaan MaaniSyed Raza



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