Peace : A Misunderstood Phenomena

Whenever we hear this word “peace” , the very next term which comes into our mind is “terrorism”. Isn`t it? This is because of prevailing terror in the world. There are a lot of revealed and hidden causes behind this terrifying situation which world is facing. All of the countries are blaming each other as trouble-maker, no one of them is trying to unveil root causes of this disturbing and alarming situation. Now the question is who are these terrorists?  Of course they are human beings. The oppressor is human being as well as the victim is also human being. When we desire to talk about “peace”, it becomes inevitable to talk about “terrorism” as well. These both terms have been used by social and electronic media together to a large extent that these two terms are now inseparable. Elimination of one causes augmentation of other. We cannot control others actions but we can control our actions. Instead of controlling our actions we should direct them in beneficial and effective way. We cannot control terrorism by sitting at home but we can prevail peace by sitting at home.

Peace is the absence of any kind of disturbance while terrorism is the presence of disturbance. There are two types of peace and most of the people are having misunderstood perceptions about these two types. The one is internal peace and the other is external peace. All of us think that external peace causes internal peace. External peace refers to the peaceful environment , this environment can be of a household, institution, town, city , country or world. As we know world is not at peace, there is no external peace. Internal peace refers to the peaceful state of one`s mind and soul. External peace is an umbrella term which covers a number of concepts, on the other hand internal peace is easy to understand and we can achieve external peace through internal peace.

In order to pay our role as a good citizen , we should try to achieve internal peace. We should not spread terror at minor levels. Terror is not only about bomb blasting, if you are hurting someone through your sarcastic remarks or by gazing in an obnoxious way , then you are also a terrorist. And if  someone is scared of you or someone is being discouraged  because of your actions than you are spreading terror. We should always be mindful of our actions and sayings. All these little acts of hatred turn into terrorism. If you are a normal human being than you cannot hurt someone through your actions. But if you are hurting someone it means that there is something wrong with you. All of the religions teach their followers the lesson of humanity. Humanity is also a religion and every religion is humanity. We cannot blame others for this horrific state of world, we are also  responsible  for this.

We are internally disturbed and because of it we are causing external disturbance. The state of peace can only be achieved through both external and internal peace and external peace can only be achieved through internal peace. Human beings are spreading terror because they are emotionally and economically disturbed and this wave is getting hype.

It is the rule of nature that everything starts its journey from zero toward its peak. The process of achieving peace  should also start from individual level in the same way as terror is spreading through small hateful acts is than overpowering the whole world. As Armstrong in her book “ Twelve steps to a compassionate life” says that be compassionate with yourself, the same rule applies here. When someone is not compassionate with his or her self than how he can be compassionate with others. First of all treat people the way you would like them to treat you. In results of your actions there will definitely come reactions. If our actions are violent than reaction will obviously violent too. In this game of action and reaction this world would turn into hell.

We should try to be humble and compassionate with our family, friends, at workplace and with our neighbors. If everyone would start trying this practice , this would be enough on everyone’s part. If you will love yourself than you will love humanity. External world and internal world also go side by side. Internal world refers to emotional security while external world refers to material satisfaction. In order to gain internal peace we have to achieve a state where our both worlds are satisfied. But some people only give preference to one world, this becomes dangerous for internal as well as  external peace. Today’s worldwide restlessness is the consequence of emotional and material dissatisfaction. We should make our utmost efforts to bring peace in this world. When we are internally at peace only then we can spread external peace.

Author: Aqsa Arshad

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