The Extinct Species and the Human Role in 21st Century

Since the implementation of the endangered species act in 1973. ESA has been able to save 227 species. At the start of the 21st century, a total of 17 animals species is extinct. Its all due to the irresponsibility of human beings as human beings kill the natural resources. As economic growth has increased in the last few years the number of extinct species increases as well.

Western Black Rhinoceros

Western Black Rhinoceros(Diceros biconis longipes) is an animal in western Africa with 4.8-5.9 feet height and 9.8-12.3 feet long weighted 18,00 to 31,00 pounds.

In 2011 the International Union for the conservation of nature and natural resources(IUCN) has declared that a few species of Rhinoceros are existing so far. Western Black Rhinoceros was genetically different from other feeds on herbs and tree roots. At the end of 2011 it extinct declared by International Union for the conservation of nature and natural resources( IUCN).

Pinta Island Tortoise

Pinta Island Tortoise (chelonoidis nigra abingdonii) belongs to Pinta Island in Ecuador.

Pinta Island Tortoise was considered extinct when last know species named  “Lonesome George”

Died on June 24th 2012. It is believed that cause of extinction for this species was the migration of goats from the Island.

An interesting feature of this species’s animals was that they stored a huge amount of food and water

In their bodies.

It is believed that they have been able to survive about six months without food and water.

Normally they were feed on cactus.

Formosan Clouded Leopard

Formosan Clouded Leopard (Neofelis nebula brachyura) an animal that was inhibited

At Taiwan Island. It is a subspecies of the clouded leopard that endemic to the Taiwan Island.

The Formosan Clouded Leopard was considered to be the second largest carnivorous animal

Taiwan after Formosan black bear.

Due to substantial logging activities to the clouded leopard’s natural habitat the animal

Retired to the Tawu and Jade Mountains.

The Formosan leopard was considered extinct in 2013.

Here the someone extinct species and year of their extinction
Common Name Scientific Name Year of Extinction
Pyrenean ibex Capra pyrenaica 2000
Eastern cougar puma concolor couguar 2011

Ways to Prevent Animal Extinction

  • Animals play a vital role in the environment as if all animals extinct from this planet(earth) then
  • There will be no life on this its necessary to take serious steps to
  • Save natural resources and habitats.
  • Protect the natural habitats of animals
  • Don’t pollute oceans and forests.
  • Poaching and the illegal killing of wild animals should be penalized to ensure that there are
  • Fewer reports concerning crimes on animals.


Author: M Ramzan


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