Glass Ceiling Effect And The Women

What is barrier?

Barrier can be defined as a fence or other obstacle that prevents movement or access. Barrier may be bar, hurdle, fence, fencing,  barricade, and railing etc.

May also be defined as circumstances or conditions that prevent people to communicate or progress.

What is Glass Ceiling Effect?

Glass ceiling effect is a worldwide term means an unacceptable and unacknowledged barrier to progress, to proceeds in the profession especially effecting women and minority people.

Barriers and Glass Ceiling.

If we want to conjoin both words we can easily use single word for both. So Glass Ceiling and barriers are similar. Inshort, Hindrance to progress.

Glass ceiling effect and the women.

When people talk about glass ceiling they are talking about customs and traditions that prevent women from rising to the highest positions. Glass ceiling is also used as a Metaphor to refer to an invisible barrier. Glass ceiling especially effect women and minority because they feel difficulty in breaking glass ceiling effect. These barriers prevent many women and minorities from obtaining and achieving the most powerful, honourable and prestigious jobs. This effect prevents women from getting high ranking positions and jobs.


Glass ceiling effect term was first used by Marilyn Loden  in 1978 during a speech. And the term was coined by Marianne Schriber and Katherine Lawrence at Hewlett Packard. This term was used in 1984 by Gay Bryant. As the term was popularized, public responded with different ideas and opinions. Some think and argue that Glass ceiling effect is a myth allegory or superstition than the reality because many women want to stay at home than to go outside for work

Glass escalator.


Glass ceiling which create hindrance for women for climbing or achieving success. An opposite phenomena is Glass Escalator defined as How men are joining workplaces or fields that are left by women previously. Men are often being offered by more chances, more promotions than the women. Infact, women work very hard then men. For example, As women are occupying position as school teachers, men are occupying position of principals of the school.


What are some barriers that prevent women?



  1. It is our traditional preception that leadership is always associated with male.
  2. Women are more responsible for family matters then men.
  3. Pay inequality is also one of the factor that prevents women for achieving high status.
  4. Work experience.
  5. Miscommunication
  6. Stereotyping


What can individual do to combat glass ceiling effect?


  1. Glass ceiling effect is spreading very fast and their are no known strategies to overcome and to help individuals. If you are females and minorities, you may need to improve yourself more than male members. You must take high tasks of highest achievements.
  2. Failure is no weakness.
  3. Be confident.
  4. Accept that success is plentiful.
  5. Eliminate superstitious thinking.
  6. Show your work.
  7. Do great things.



Author: Dania Riaz


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