Inspiring kids

As it is said ,

          “Its never too early to think big”

 Here are some inspired and great mind kids who achieved success and left their mark in every sphere of life at an early age.

1.Malala Yousafzai.


She is a Pakistani activist and she fights for women rights and education. She fights for the rights of women and education of women in her native valley swat, KPK. Where Talibans banned young girls for getting education. Her fight against talibans turn into international movement. She recieved following national and international awards:

  1. 1.National Youth Peace Prize.
  2. Anne Frank Award for Moral Courage.
  3. One of Time‘s “100 Most Influential People in the World”.
  4. International Prize for Equality and Non-Discrimination
  5. Top Name in Annual Survey of Global English in 2012.


2.Samantha Smith


She was only 10 years old when the cold war between United States and Russiaended and she left with a single letter. She wrote that both countries could exist in peace. Andropov responded well and invited smith and her family to visit his country. She later brought the message of peace to Japan. At the age of 13, she died.


 3.Iqbal Masih


He is a Pakistani boy. He escaped child slavery at the age of 10. And became a member and leader to put an end to it once and for all. He helped 3,000 children to escape from slavery. At the age of 12 he was assassinated and only 800 people attended his funreal services.
4.Jazz Jennings


At the age of five, she documented people to identify transgender. She used her platform to fight for the rights of tansgender. She founded TransKids Purple Rainbow Foundation to help transgender youth.

5. Anoyara Khatun


Khatun was suffering from child trafficking at the age of 12 until she was rescued by Save the child organization. Then she went back to West Bengal and spend her rest of life in saving children and protect them from the exploitation of their rights. She saved many childrens from forced marriages.

6.Nkosi Johnson


Suffered from AIDS/HIV crises in Africa 1990. Because of this disease HIV- POSITIVE, he refused to get admission in school as a result he got public attention. At the age of 11, he was invited to World AIDS Conference where he shared his story. Before his death, he along with his foster mother created “ Nksoi’s haven” a refuge for HIV positive mothers and their childrens.


  1. Thandiwe Chama

At the age of 16 for her work of educational rights activist she recieved Children’s Peace Prize in 2007. She is also supporter of people whom are suffering from HIV/AIDS in Africa.

8.Anne Frank



She was young diarist who passed away in 1945. But the words she put in her diary are unexplainable. It is a reminder of the horrors and effects of the war . Her diary has been translated into more than 60 languages and original publication is in 1947.


9.Cassandra Lin


She was in fifth grade when she saves the world after learning that cooking oil can be turned into biofuel. She convinced hotels and local restaurant to give thier cooking oil waste to be recyled. As she expanded her program,her project “Turn Grease into Oil” was officially accpeted. She also earned several enivromental awards.

  1. Bana al -Abed.

kids10.jpgYoung people using social media didn’t seem life changing but when we look at Abed’s twitter page, this will change our minds. Her little voice at the age of seven calls attention  to atrocities. With the assisstance of her mother she called upon world’s great leaders to take actions.

Author: Dania Riaz


  1. I never new about these kids.. except for Malala nd thats bcz it was all over the news..
    Nobody knows about these kids and their roles in making world a better place.
    It’s amazing that someone cares enough to enlighten these forgotten chapters.
    Keep it up.


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