Make Bridges – To Bring Harmony in Society

First question arise here that what’s ‘Making bridges mean?’ It means to make a contact between two very different things or people. I’m going to share a harsh example, but the truth. It’s about making the bridges between liberals and Extremist (Well, every single person is extremist in their own self, but here extremist are those following Islam are called so).
Who are Liberals !?
Trying to be neutral. Liberals are those who have so broad thinking and fresh, updated mental standard as compare to the other ones.

And extremists are those who are extremely attached to the religion, as they are even daring to kill someone who are not like them or liked by them.

I’ve seen many people mocking each other, like a non-hijabi girl claiming a hijabist. And a hijabist claiming non-hijabi. One think the other is bad. Either is conservative or over broad. Our minds are so judgmental. We don’t even think but claim and blame each other. Uttering bad about somebody is just a fun between us. We don’t realize either our single word is going to make someone’s heart to wrench.

Coming to the topic of main concern.
We must make bridges.
How can we make bridges?
We can make bridges by talking to each other. Not blaming anyone of us. We must be ethical in talking with each other.
We can make bridges by understanding and reasoning.
We should understand each other, perspectives of others and situations. Not everyone is in a state in which we are so. If someone doesn’t go to mosque to offer prayers, let them offer it in home. We never know, he’s offering extra in the home.

Don’t judge ! Don’t blame.
To make my words worthy and strong. I’d be mentioning a verse from the most authentic book by the great author.
“No nation should mock each other, or no woman should sneer each other. They might be better than them”
-Al Qur’an



So there left no logic to judge or mock someone. When the higher power, king of kings Allah s.w.t said this to us.
Try to make bridges. Talk to each other. Understand each other and sort the things out.

Author: Musfirah Tehreem

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