Apathetic behaviour of our society

Apathetic behaviour is to not having feelings, emotions above all sympathy for others. As far as apathetic behaviour of society is concerned it’s really nasty that how indifferent they are towards others. We must observe how we are doing and going.

Nowadays, people are unconcerned towards their blood relations then how can we expect them to be generous to others. Rich don’t want to introduce their poor relations to their co status intimates as it seems to be the symbol of embarrassment for them. Nevertheless, It’s quite heart wrecking that how the majority pass by the road accident cold heartedly by giving priority to worldly things over a person’s life by convincing their heart that someone else will help him as there are so many people to feel pity for that troublesome soul in order to give satisfaction to their conscience. But have we ever imagined for a single second what would happen if at that place would be us or our beloved one and people would pass the same way as we are doing today. Actually, we are dead in real words.
The greater the power, the more dangerous the abuse


Apart from this, the substantial cruel reality is child labour. How people are unconcerned towards children, where is our education? It cannot be described in words how badly they are being treated in this so called modern world by so called modern people. These young children are doing much more work than their strength and in return are paid too little, moreover, beaten as well as being talked rudely. They themselves need care but they are caring for their family and tolerating such apathetic behaviour of our society. Where is our inner conscience? Where is our heart?


No doubt, we are worst than animals. They also do have some kind of sympathy for everyone but we are running towards material world. Everyone is mortal. We do not even know how long we are going to live in this world. Envisage  for a while if you die in an accident then where would your money go? These little children do work just to get a meal for a day by being punished and doing loads of work. Alas! We might be solicitous  for these poor creatures.

Society was meant to eradicate inhuman behaviour but today humanity is in danger because of society.

The most anguish story is of those who serve us the most, our lives are impossible without them. Everyone must be aware of what is happening with domestic workers. It’s the biggest issue nowadays. They are not even considered humans and are not only treated badly but they are living in even worst condition than hell where they cannot even breath willingly.

In modern cities, their masters used to take them with themselves for carrying their luggage or for their children’s care. When we go for dinner, get together,  functions, parties, their masters made them to sit aside at a far distant place. They enjoy themselves with fun, gossips, eatables and don’t even ask their maids to eat something. They don’t even allow them to speak willingly. They give rest of their food to their servants which they themselves would never evet eat. Even sometimes they force them to sit in their car’s boot where they can’t breath properly. These modern people are fond of having pets and even their pets’ food is more good and expensive then their servants. They don’t even give them proper food so that they would be able to overcome  their famishment.


To educate a man in mind not in morals is to educate a imminent  to a society.

Though we are living in modern era but the point is how we have taken modernism. Is modernity to wear nice clothes, shoes, travel in a nice car and having well furnished home? In today’s world, modernity’s concept is just to be physically well and to look down upon people. But in real terms, modernity is liberty of mind that how you adopt yourself to environment as well as you built up the potential to accept others as they are by giving them their due respect.

Uhhhh! What we people are doing. We are well educated illiterate people. We don’t have sense how to deal with others as they are also alive humans having instincts. But we are dead.

In remote areas, people used to punish, harass, use, beat and kill them. They don’t even allow them to sit equal to them by treating them in humiliated way. We are not humans but wild beast.

We all need to change ourselves in order to change the world as revolution is born as a social entity within the oppressor society.

We must take sides. Neutrality helps the despot  never the victim. Silence encourages the tormenter never the tormented.

Author: Syeda Ayesha


Author: Inspired Trait

Analysing the Chemicals of Motivation and Inspiration; and researching to balance the Chemical Equation of Inspiration and Productivity.

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