9 Best Healthy Herbal Teas

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Herbal teas are known for centuries. Herbal teas are not real tea at all. Teas including green tea, black tea are very good for health. They are made from dried leaves, flowers etc. They have wide range of taste. Some are very good for health. Some are used for treating diseases. Here are some herbal teas mentioned below :

1. Chamomile Tea


This tea is frequently used by people and assist people in sleeping. One study Show women who have sleeping issues use this tea. In this way their depression and sleeping problems were solved. Insomnia patients can also use this tea. It is also antibacterial and has liver protecting effects. May help to fight diarrhoea and ulcers. It also helps in maintaining glucose level. It has multiple benefits.


2. Ginger Tea


It is very spicy colourful and tasteful tea. And used for fighting many diseases. It is used to stimulate immune system and used for treating nausea. It helps to prevent stomach problems and to treat with constipation. It is very beneficial for the diabetic patients. It also control sugar level.

3. Hibiscus Tea

It is  made from the colorful  and beautiful flowers of the hibiscus plant. Its colour is pink red. It can be used hot or iced. In addition to its flavour and taste, it is also beneficial for health. .It has anti viral properties. It control the blood lipid level. It control high blood pressure. Its also help in lowering high pressure


 4. Peppermint Tea


It is most commonly used herbal tea in the world. It has antitoxin, anticancer and antibacterial properties. It is beneficial for digestive tract. It is effective for bowel syndrome. It is also helpful to treat nausea.


 5. Echinacea Tea.


This tea is used to control cold. Help immune system and control infections. Sooth your sore throat and clear the nose and flue. It is also very helpful to control body temperature.


6. Rooibos Tea


It has many advantages. May help bone health and reduce cell toxicity. Its primary importance is it prevent heart diseases. It lowers the blood glucose level and increase cholesterol level. Evidence suggests that rooibos tea may help increase bone health and reduce heart diseases  but further studies are needed.

7. Passionflower Tea


The flower and stem of passionflower is used to make passionflower tea. It is used to relieve anxiety. It improves sleep timing. It is also used as medicine.  It is used use to treat anxiety and agitation. It is also detoxifier. It promotes calmness.


8. Rose Hip Tea

Rose hip tea is prepared from the fruit of the rose plant.It is contain vitamin C and plant compounds. These plant compounds, result in anti-inflammatory properties.It helps to reduce inflammation in people with rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis. Rose hip tea reduce belly fat. It also reduce the wrinkles around eye. It improves moisture and elasticity of skin.

9. Lemon Balm Tea


It has a light lemon flavour and of very good taste. It helps to improve elasticity of arteries. It reduce the chances of heart diseases , strokes and mental risks. It also improves skin elasticity . It may improve high blood lipid level. It may improve mood and mental performance.  It reduce chances of heart diseases and anxiety.

Author: Dania Riaz

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