He came running to his friend and said that look how beautiful is the watch, you know this is so expensive.. His friend said him that you should not steal it., this watch would be beautiful if you buy it with your own money , but now this is so ugly. His friend said that you cant look because you dont have eyes to see ,but i can feel its glam ,its shine.and what do you know about the beauty ,you would know if you have eyes to see how beautiful the world is… and secondly a person living here cant acheive the things easily thats why snatching is only way to fulfil your wishes.  Saying this he went away.


wasnt me2

His blind friend had nothing to say but he always thanked Almighty that i am not bestowed by these eyes . Because if there would be eyes ,there would be glamorous world,then there would be greed and it will push me to steel the things,to do crimes..So just thanks i am not gifted by such crime root..Next day his friend brought a blanket for his blind friend and said to take it otherwise cold will catch you. The blind friend rejected to take it by saying “I will live happily even wearing the leaves but there will always a burden on me after taking this blanket”. His friend understood what he wants to say  and with little shame he went away .


Next day Going to his blind friend on street he watched a lady going alone,he caught the women and stole all the money from purse. The women crying gave him much abuses. Once again the devil pushed him .. When he went to his blind friend he saw that he had nothing to eat  . He gave him the stolen money . But he once again refused.. the robber started to cry that just take it ,look at yourself you are just going to die due to hunger . I have only one friend kindly take it.. but the blind friend refused..


wasnt me4

Robber was very upset by looking the condition of blind friend . The blind said that just stop it now , stop stealing,stop these crimes.look i am also going to die one day you will also die. These all things will remain here so just stop now.. its my last wish.  The robber felt the guilt in himself and started  weeping that his phone ringed. He picked up the call and got a shock,due to which he phone dropped from his hand . The blind friend asked what happened??? Robber while weeping said ” you were right,my son died in crash driving on the car which i stoled for him and gifted to him ” .. you were right ” THAT WASN’T MINE”

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