The Road from illiteracy to Terrorism

Today the global world is facing a lot of issues in different phases but one of the main and basic problem is terrorism. Terrorism and illiteracy have a strong relationship with each other by the start of human life. Illiteracy refers with the lack of education or knowledge which only leads you to shame and failure .

Terrorism is basically an unlawful act which causes violence and fear. Terrorism not only refers to bomb blasts but mental terror or a layer of fear within a particular society is also categorized as terrorism.

Terrorism is a threat to freedom of every nation. There is no life to be found in violence. Every act of violence brings us closer to death.  Today terrorism is basically picturized as  bomb attacks or killing someone for personal incentives but  terrorism has a broader and vast definition. The most difficult thing of 21st century is to convince someone with your views or ideas but a person who has no knowledge would abruptly agree with your views.  This is the basic root of terror in this world. The extremists spread terror for personal profits and they use these people (illiterate) by giving them several incentives.

Religion is the most important element of every society or nation. Every religion preaches peace. Different religions are found all over the world. The extremists aim religion the most for their agenda. They create a chaos between different religions with the help of some preachers of different religions. They portray the things that aren’t even in any religion and people who have no knowledge about their religion blindly trust them.

Talking about today’s terrorism, you examine different terrorist groups portraying themselves with a particular religion just to defame  religions. This gives birth to hatred between the followers of different religions. “Terrorism has no religion”. This leads to the devastation of a particular society or state and as a whole everyone suffers.

Unemployment adds to terrorism. These groups give financial incentives to people having financial crisis. This attracts them to carry out their mission. Creating jobs and spreading awareness can lessen the ratio of terrorism.

Terrorism is higher in areas where illiteracy rate is higher. It is difficult to convince an educated person for unlawful activities as he knows the demerits. As it is said “An empty mind is a devil’s workshop” These extremists use illiterates for their incentives by giving them financial or religious incentives. These terror attacks are then carried out by these people. We cannot fight with terrorism with their strategy. We have to realise the root cause of this. We have to educate our generation. We have to fight with the help of paper and pen instead of bullets and guns. This will spread peace without mass destruction.

Terrorism then creates many other problems. Almost all countries facing terrorism are financially collapsing. Terrorism is also the reason for financial issues. A huge amount of budget is specified for defence. We must try to aware the people specially youth.

Extremism is basically a hindrance in the prosperity of the this world. Apparently, we are in living in the post-modern era but spiritually we have lost humanity. 7 billion humans cover the land without humanity. We have to over come illiteracy so that we could minimize terrorism.

Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere”

Author: Kareemullah Butt


Author: Inspired Trait

Analysing the Chemicals of Motivation and Inspiration; and researching to balance the Chemical Equation of Inspiration and Productivity.

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