Kindly bring a glass of water. I am feeling very thirsty . I am not feeling well ,Son take me to the doctor.. His son gave him a glass of water and took him to the doctor.” Doctor kindly check my father,He is not feeling well,he urinates in excess and often feel thirsty “,the son said to the doctor. Doctor started to ask the feelings of patient. The patient said that i am usually in an unexplainable fussiness and inconsolable crying. I feel trouble in sleeping, moreover vomiting and fever are also significant features. Doctor said him to have some tests and then come for examination.


When the patient brought the reports. The doctor after analyzing said that you are suffering from Diabetes Insipidus from many years. The patient in a asking state said that what is this disease??? The doctor by explaining said that it is the uncommon disorder and it causes imbalance of water in body. This imbalancement is due to two states.

1)Polydipsia:it is due to intense thirst even after huge intake of water.

2)Polyuria: This is due to excretion of large amount of urine.

And a very important thing that diabetes insipidus is quite different from diabetes mellitus.


The patient said that i was quite healthy, what is the cause and reason of such disease?? Doctor replied that: sometimes your body dont regulate for body fluids the way it should, at that point,kidneys remove excess body fluids from blood stream and these fluids are stored in bladder for temporary state. But when regulation occurs in fine manner ,then kidneys start to conserve the fluid and make less urine. At this stage you become thirsty. And then you have more intake of fluids due to which there is more urination.


Doctor added more that the fluid excreted from your kidney is influenced by hormone ADH(ANTIDIRUTIC hormone) . And yes one more thing there are usually three categories or types of diabetes insipidus.

1)Central diabetes insipidus:  This is due to damage to hypothalamus and pituitary gland

2)Nephrogenic diabetes insipidus: It is due to defect in kidney tubules, and these are the structures that are responsible for reabsorption or excretion of water . Due to this kidneys doesnt respond to ADH.

3)Gestational diabetes insipidus: It occurs only during pregnancy , and also when an enzyme is secreted by placenta and it destroys ADH.

The doctor also told that there is no treatment still found but there are ways to relieve your thirst. Doctor gave the patient prescription and said to drink water in a moderate fashion. Patient after saying thank went to home.

Author: Musawira


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Analysing the Chemicals of Motivation and Inspiration; and researching to balance the Chemical Equation of Inspiration and Productivity.

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