Words were her ultimate power. She wanted to be a revolutionary lady . But neither she belonged to an Elite class nor she had great public repute. At that time the words were the only weapon to defeat many of the negativities of society. She wanted that by her words the barren lives may have the colours and fragrance. She wanted the positive change. But the actions warn her. So her first step was only support of words.
POETRY COMES FROM HIGHEST HAPPINESS OR DEEPEST SORROW” (A.P.J ABDUL KALAM) And yes this is so true ,poetry is other name of extremism.The people usually says her that what can you do with your speaking or writing power. These talents are temporary . First correct yourself then move toward the world. But she was not the kind of girl who get depressed on the silly talks of world. She begin to write and write. She wrote untill she took out the negativities of her from root . And put the positivity in herself.
Her words made her strong at the time when she felt she was going weak, her words took out the darkness of her, her words made her emotionally so strong that she alone can fight many battles of the society. I dont know why people underestimate the power of words . Words are life. They touch you deep down the soul. They can even make you or break you . Theh can heal your soul or deform you completely. So if you get any of the shattered person and he can be calm down by the power of words. Never think at that stage that what he will think,what the people will make perspective of me. Kindly let it go and do concentrate on the person who can revive himself,who can start loving his life again just because of your attitude and words..
Words are just like this cake. If used in time will give its best flavour and sweetness but if delayed will be rotten in such a  way that no one will like to come near it. She was the girl who brought the change in lives by words. And she wants that the chain continues.. you read the words of Shakespeare, words of Robbin Sharma, words of Ishfaq Ahmad. You admit that you feel a boosting change in yourself and many of the times it happens that the words correlate your situation and that time the way you weep, you get emotional . No one knows better than you. “CARRY OUT A RANDOM ACT OF KINDNESS WITHOUT NO EXPECTATION OF REWARD, SAFE IN THE KNOWLEDGE THAT ONE DAY SOMEONE MIGHT DO FOR YOU “(Lady Dianna)  She was lifted by her words and wanted that others also gain the upway to the skies by the words. Believe you me that these words can bring huge change in a country. Even if you want to become a good leader your speech should be soft, your pitch should be light you will gain all you want.. if you use better words you will act like magnet. Everyone will be attracted to you. So makeup yourself with the power of words. You are the ultimate change in society with your own words. If she got much by words than why not you?
Author: Musawira Shahreen

Author: Inspired Trait

Analysing the Chemicals of Motivation and Inspiration; and researching to balance the Chemical Equation of Inspiration and Productivity.

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