In an attractive sound

In an attractive sound, the mirrors tell us the melodious lies in an attractive sound. They plant a seed of false amenity and false anticipation. In a hidden corner of our mind, a palace is built where evil propagates slowly. We make a horrendous mistake everyday by obliterating the sinking sun. Silently, we peep through the windows of acquisitiveness and greed.

When Winter opens its arms for autumn, springs become furious and annoyed. The devils start dancing in the bliss. We create false vision courtesy the mighty peaks of grudge and ambiguity, our false faith strengthens.

The cool breeze of winter freeze me making me remembering my sins, the leaves falling in autumn portray my good deeds turning into bad ones. The sound of the cool breeze and falling leaves whisper my relation with devil. In an attractive sound, I feel alone.

After seeing this all, Holy souls spit blood. The universe recalls itself from the valleys of sadness. We hear the screams and mourning of unseen faces. No doubt that the shaky bridges are slumped in deep water. Evil mutates and is transformed into ruffled rainbow even we don’t know about the it’s filthy outcomes.

In an attractive sound, the wind makes a piercing sound on the shaky curtains of our sanity and perceptions. Maybe it rejuvenates our dead and asleep demur. That time isn’t far that there will be an era of grim. We’d escape the barriers of life. We’d be counting our rights and wrongs.

Remembering those moments that polluted our souls. That small kid snatching a toy from other one. That eleven years old boy stealing fruits from the field. That eighteen years old arguing with his old parents. Thirty years old running away from his responsibilities and obligations. That fifty-five years old in the search of another charming girl like a dog whose greed never ends. And that seventy years old remembering GOD when all his dedication and excitement is worth nothing.

Cessation would be whispering hard in our ears and we won’t be able to do anything. Our soul would leave this pathetic castle(body) and would be flying in the unseen spaces. A ceaseless journey would start.

We might stop in that world of fading memories and our decades-long journey would stop. Because in the stormy night, it’s difficult to see the fierce bolts of evil.

In an attractive sound, the devil mutates our ears. These clumsy feats of devil are very threatening. The mirrors tell us the melodious lies in an attractive sound.

Beware of these attractive sounds.

Author: Kareemullah Butt


Author: Inspired Trait

Analysing the Chemicals of Motivation and Inspiration; and researching to balance the Chemical Equation of Inspiration and Productivity.

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