Last night I met a beautiful woman. She was standing near my bed. The fragrance of whose existence made my heart restless. Her silky neck, her soft hands, deep eyes and pink lips jeopardized my soul. She was like a lake with hundreds of streams quietly flowing  deep down it’s profundity. She was exposed to me yet she was hidden. I, at once, gave my hands in her hands and whispered,

“Oh beauty! You’re a wonderful gift for me from GOD. Come nullify me from me. Come fill me from you. Bestow me with new enlargements. I want to face the acrimonies of life with you. This feeling of being with you is better than the musk and ambergris. Come hug me because I’ve collected you with my inclination. Let your ironies be showered on me.

OH Lady from GOD! Don’t oppress yourself. Expose yourself on me. Make me out of senses by your glamorous charm. Come pour your smack upon my soul. Come introduce my feelings with new horizons”

She combed my hair with her fingers and uttered,

“Oh madman! Feel content at your destiny that not everyone is amused with that. I whimper at your loneliness. I’m here to metamorphose your abstractness into being. I’ll arouse your dead fascinations. I’ll materialize those unseen faces you love the most. Your soul will fly in unseen heavens. I’ll enlighten your days and nights with my colors.

Be patient that your stay in these gloomy valleys is momentary”.

Then she gazed at me with a gentle smile. Suddenly came a rash of air and she started to exalt in air and her fragrance started to fade. All of a sudden, she flew away leaving me with tears of separation in my eyes.

She was life

She was my life instead……!

Author: Kareemullah Butt

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