“You can Conquer the  World If you have a  Power of Optimism”⚫ No matter, If you’re not being loved at all. Literally its Perfectly alright when you get stabbing pain in your heart & get a lot of hurt in return of loads of Sincerity, Loyalty, honesty, Care, unconditional love & many more. Then it’s not a time to be PANIC! Just believe in Optimism, that One Day all the little pieces of pain are gonna be a crown of your head. Believe in yourself & think that nobody has a soft loving heart like you. Believe in yourself that You’re Pure enough. As nowadays you’ve to pay alot more for Purity.


So why get Hurt!? Come on Cheer up Stop hurting yourself for the things you’ve not done.S top Blaming yourself for the situations you’re not responsible for. Stop Yelling on the People who don’t understand your words even. Just take a deep breathe & hope for the best ahead. “Life isn’t all about to regret over strange moments, Its all about to make the end of that moments in a beautiful way”.At times, when you realize that everyone have a dual face & cheat on you most of the time. They admire you in front of you & criticize you on your back. & hence you feel nobody is with you. So Don’t regret at that moment. Don’t Question yourself Why they are doing this!? Why they aren’t pure!?

Just accept them as they are or leave them on their own way.Because you can’t control the thoughts & action of someone.


Try to move away from the people who ruins your inner peace.By moving on you may surely find alot more loving souls.So why you bother over the people who didn’t care of your feelings.Just Move on with giving them Chuckle & say Thanks to ALLAH ALMIGHTY who showed you their real faces.Stay Optimist & let them be, as they are. Just be Hopeful for that one day when they would be changed.The Best thing you can do for them is a prayer.Just pray to ALLAH ALMIGHTY to show them a straight path of goodness.😊


When you feel that you’re drowning in the ocean of worries. then don’t be relying on others to hold you or to help you. Just rely at your own self. Convince yourself that you’re enough for your ownself & you can surely help your ownself. When you clearly know that the only person who is sincere with you is only & only your own self. So why you’re awaiting for others? Just do it by your ownself & when you’ll believe in yourself & will be hopeful that you can find your way by your ownself that would be the day when you will be the strongest person ever. Stay Optimist, when you find yourself weak in any matter. when you feel you can’t do anything anymore in your life So just Pause for a moment from the bundles of the negetive thoughts!& think that when anyone can do it so why can’t you!? Believe in yourself that You Can! Yeah, You can definitely! Just Believe in this sentence that everything can be done with a little Hardwork. So why you can’t? You can also! You can get the things that once you desired for. You can make your life exactly what that you thought to be. But all that you need to do for get it is a Struggle,hardwork & determination.

May be it would quite hard for today but in future it would be quite convinient for you. So you’ll have to face everything But soon when you will be strong enough to overcome all obstacles & suppose that each obstacle is polishing you & each Obstacle having a pearl with it. So than you will definitely neg

lect the stress of the hurdle & you will start focusing on the shine of Pearls. The more you will pass the obstacles, The more you will collect the Pearls. At the end when you will be standing on your destination & will look back for a moment that from where you Started & where you have ended. So You’ll feel that you have Conquered all your hurdles.

You’ve Conquered your Fears!

You’ve Conquered your Inner Demons!

& when you will look over your imaginative soft pearls that you had collected & will lift them up in air for a moment & they will come back to the ground by touching you. How would you feel? You will feel definitely good.so never think that the world is negative and you have to mix with it. Be that one shining stain on the darkness of world. You will get unexpected, unassured award.

Author: Nimra Javed


Author: Inspired Trait

Analysing the Chemicals of Motivation and Inspiration; and researching to balance the Chemical Equation of Inspiration and Productivity.

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