The Social Media’s Baffle

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Social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube are accessible to everyone at any time as number of users in the world are 3.3 billion. The usage and availability of social sites in Pakistan are also unchecked as they inflict several social and moral harms to youngsters who comprise half of the population of the country. The children’s indulgence in certain immoral activities on social platforms is an elephant in the room for both the parents and the state. The most unpreventable issues are failure in academic career, sexual violence, depression, moral instability and wastage of time.

The teens likely to sit in front of their computer and mobile screens to scroll through Facebook pages, Instagram and WhatsApp than to accomplish academic tasks as they feel pleasure on seeing their pictures applauded by friends and family members. Most children have cellphones before matriculation and utilize most of time using social sites as 8 hours usually or more in some cases. The unmanaged timetable leads to academic failure as students are not in habit of doing school tasks regularly. At higher education level, students are more mature to regulate academic works and usage of social media, but still there are loopholes to manage. Time should be managed to prosper academically both by teenagers and adults.

Another debacle created by social media is sexual violence and prevails in all part of the country involving people from higher to lower strata of the society. In our country, almost 10 to 11 children are molested daily and angels like Zainab are mutilated by predators due to use of social media for pornography and sexually persuasive materials. The social connecting sites are being used for fulfillment of sexual urges, which is annoying as they destroy peace of society.

Moreover, the social media users of developed countries like Britain are also suffer from mental diseases such as depression and loneliness. A fourteen years old British girl Molly Russell kills herself after seeing self- harming pictures on Instagram in 2017 as mentioned by Dawn Newspaper. The people like to sit with family and friends to share their good and bad times, but social media has abandon these gathering programs. Now people spend more time on social sites in sharing pictures and posting even knowing that most users have fake accounts on these platforms. This tendency leads to loneliness as there is no sense of belonging and people feel more depression, face to face communication is a source of catharsis but social media blurs this connection.

Inadequate religious knowledge and passive use of social media demean the moral standards of individuals and society. People have no moral sense and prone to abolish right means of living as prescribed by religion and state. As a result of this moral atrocity, religious places like Mudressahs and education institutes are no more peaceful. The moral instability increases crimes people want to kill each other without any reason.

Additionally, success in any domain of life belongs to proper management of time and hard work. The engagement on social media often does not give any idea about time and it passes quickly. The users check social sites 30-40 times a day and invest important part of time. The social media should not interfere with more prior tasks and it must not be only waste of time.

In the end, in Pakistan social media users are not as much as compare to some other developed countries but numbers are expected to increase in future. It is not breeze task to control violent usage of social sites at once but laws like Cybercrime can decrease it to some extent. If Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter and Instagram are not used for sexual violence and inappropriate material, they would give better result as playing part in development of country. Both the state and parents should play role to save new generation from the social media’s baffle.

Author: Aqeel Abbas

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