Character of Hazrat Ali.

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Hazrat Ali R.A is one of nearest and dearest companions of our Holy Prophet Muhammad SAW. His heart was so enlightened that he has exaltation to be the first of all children to come in community of Islam. He was so bestowed that he got supervision of Holy Prophet PBUH from early childhood that is why his qualities got sharpened as he grew up.He belonged to highly reputable and prestigious family,Quraish that is why he got good traits also in his blood.He was so replete with knowledge and quick witted that he claimed “Ask me anything I’ll satisfy you with my answer” and that Holy Prophet PBUH declared him the “The door to City of Knowledge.”

He was so generous that he felt himself thrice blessed when someone used to come to him demanding any help.He considered this happening,the result of fortune’s smile on him because he was of the view that I’m blessed if I became the source for fulfillment of someone’s need.His grasp on positive aspects was so strong that he was aware of differences between good and bad at the age when children are just leaving the nests of their parents.He lead such a illustrious and worthwhile life that his foot prints are shaping the lives of a number of people in the world even today, either they are believers or disbelievers.

  • He is considered to be the most brave Muslim after The Prophet (SAW).He is called “The Lion of Allah Almighty” due to his manful and courageous nature.He is the man who is still alive in many minds and hearts in form of his quotations.His dealings with most difficult situation is lighthouse for people today.He is such a great man that he devoted his self and all belongings to Allah and His beloved Prophet PBUH.

Real bravery is to follow the path which is right no matter how many people are with you and how many are against,you must be consistent with goodness in any situation.The personality of Hazrat Ali is true embodiment of bravery in this way.

At the tender age of only 22, he trusted Holy Prophet Muhammad SAW on the cost of his life and laid on bed of Holy Prophet PBUH,whose house was surrounded by disbelievers.He consecrated his life sake of Islam.Few days before his departure from this cruel world,he wrote to his son Imam Hassan (R.A), “.and to my people; advise them more and spend more time in equipping them mentally to face this world…” This shows his concern for upcoming people of Muslim community that he kept them in mind and ponder over their fates seriously.

He read other peoples’ lives who lived renowned lives from the very beginning of life on earth to his own time.He learnt lessons from them. He thought over their lives so intensely that he felt as if he has lived and exerted himself with them.He sought after reading them that which of their deed proved to be beneficial and what brought them to suffer.He provided his son with a number of pieces of advice.These words are infact for all humanity.He asked never to illtreat the family members with hatred and give them respect because they act as wings with which one flies and as hands which support and fight for person.

Hazrat Ali revealed the importance of neighborhood that they affect one’s tendencies and inclinations to much extent.That is why he emphasized to get wind of kind of persons going to accompany during the journey than to check the conditions of the route.
He also indicated the importance of self respect by centering attention of his son to the fact that one must not bring his self esteem down because nothing can fill the loss of honour.He must not get dominated by his own evil desires must not follow the cheap ways to reach the goal,keep patience with himself and not let himself driven blindly by evil, otherwise he will be leaden towards disappointments and loss.

He must be satisfied with what he is blessed with,being just in his dealings.He must be contented with what he is blessed with honestly.He must know and believe that Allah Almighty decides the best for him,he might be demanding something that is not good for him in long term.One must shape his personality in such a way that he must prove to be beneficial for mankind rather than being harmful to people living around him.

The condition of modern man is enough to render one grief stricken.They become impulsive,short tampered.According to Holy Prophet,the bravest of all is one who can control his anger.But today’s man has no control over his anger.In rage,man has double of his actual powers if he bends its way toward positivity his anger will be proved good one,beneficial for him as well as for real man is one who tries to control his anger And turns its way toward productive ends rather destructive ones.

Author: Noor Fatima.

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