Muslim Mother; A Savior of Nation.

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A mother is the one who brings a child in this world, feeds him, brings him up and shapes his personality. Mother has a difficult and challenging responsibility to take care of her children and family. She holds together all the individuals of her family. She offers love, care, protection and attention which the child needs for his growth. She is the role model for her child, child’s outlook to the world and maker and shaper of his personality.

Mother’s thinking, behavior and habits affect her child in the one way or the other. In other words, we can say that almost every child is the reflection of her mother’s personality. Mother’s role is like the role of that machine in which we put raw material and it gives a processed and refined product. In the same way, whatever mother teaches her child, comes out when the child is grown up.

Every mother bears a heavy burden of up-bringing of her children. But a Muslim mother has many more responsibilities towards her children than any other mother in the world. A Muslim mother; a savior of nation, saves the nation from destruction and devastation by saving her children from destructive traits, bad qualities and evil deeds. She has the tendency and capability either to save the nation or to give a damage to nation by good and bad upbringing of her children respectively. Moreover, she bears the responsibility to provide an Islamic environment in the house. She has the responsibility to raise her children according to the teachings of Islam.

Islam provides us with the complete code of life, a set of values and norms which govern a good nation. Our Almighty Allah has handed over a key to form a successful nation and to save a nation from destruction. So, a Muslim mother engraves in her children all the qualities which she thinks would help them to form a good nation, because a developed, civilized and strong nation is the result of strong and noticeable citizenry. And a strong citizenry is the result of well-bred individuals.

It is said that “mother’s lap is child’s first learning center and mother is his first teacher”. What the child learns from his mother stays with him forever and has a great deal of impact on his life. What the mother makes her child learn is reflected in his personality as an individual. And what is reflected in an individual’s personality also reflects the extent of civilization, development and success of the nation that individual is part of. Because individuals of a society combine to form an integrated nation.
Mother has the same role to play in child’s life which a foundation stone plays in sustaining building. Just as the entire building depends upon the foundation stone. Similarly, a nation depends upon mother.

A mother may prove either to be a savior or up rooter of nation. If the foundation of nation is laid properly, then the nation would be one of the leading nations in the world and vice versa.

Muslim mother is the savior of nation who saves the nation and silently contributes to the character building of next generation and future nation. She has the responsibility of ethical and moral religious teaching of her children. So, she nurtures her children with faith, courage, truthfulness, honesty, patience, perseverance, love and kindness in order to build a good nation. In this way, she fulfills her role of being a savior of nation.

Author: Zarmeen Zahid.

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