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Have you ever felt that some immortal power is attached to our body? It is our soul. You can describe it as immaterial part of a person which is responsible for your deep feelings and emotions. In Quran, Allah Almighty says about soul as
“[91:8] Then He inspired it (soul) to understand what is right and wrong for it;

[91:9] He will indeed be successful who purifies it (soul),
[91:10] And he will indeed fail who corrupts it.”

“The soul is one of the commands of my Lord, and you are not given aught of knowledge but a little.” Soul is an immortal; pure part of a human being which has a direct connection with Allah Almighty. It connects a person to where he actually belongs.

Islam, a religion and complete way of life, pays attention to both body and soul. Generally, words “body and soul” together is used for the word faithfulness, sincerity, doing something with all of our hearts. That’s what Islam told us to do. This rule is not only applicable only for prayers but in every matter of life. Our creator has made everything as perfect as we can’t even imagine, every human has freedom to act upon Islam completely.

Let’s take an example of a fruit, which has no or very less pulp inside it but its outer peel is sometimes fine. That’s similar to a person who performs all his prayers with only his body without any thinking and involvement of soul. While a pulpy fruit with no outer peel or covering would not work anymore for long time. Same in the case where your body does not pay attention to Allah but your soul does.

Let’s compare Islam to other religions such as Christianity and Judaism. In Christianity (now-a-days), they only consider their soul to be cleaned. For example, their Priests and Nuns (specific people living in church) neglect their body and devoted all their lives to soul. They did not pay attention properly to themselves, people connected to them and their worldly lives. They think that believing in God means to sacrifice their bodily needs and live in church for whole life to pure their soul. All they need is a clean soul, which loves God. They didn’t have any concept of praying every day or many times a day like Muslim does. Christianity demands and focuses majorly on soul.
In case of Jews, bodily needs are considered much important than soul purity. Jews mostly pray three times a day using their body. They believe that bodily needs are much important than our soul needs.

But Islam being the last and latest religion and complete way of life make a bridge between soul and body. Our soul must have believed in God, Prophets, Holy books and angels. And our body must pray to God, pays attention ourselves and to every relation we are connected to.
When Islam says “cleanliness is the half of imaan”, cleanliness here belongs to both body and soul. In every matter of life and religion body and soul should be devoted equally. Islam is a complete and true religion for all humanity so it focuses on each and every need relating to both body and soul. May Allah make our believes soulful and our prayers fruitful.

Author: Iraj Noor

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