Scholarship Winners Announcement

1. Tehreem Hayat (University of Sargodha) 2. Haris Tufail (IBA) 3. Usama Munir (Punjab University) Note: The process of reimbursement will be informed to the scholarship holders individually. [Total: 3 Average: 5]

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Self-control—or the ability to over whelm one’s instinct, feelings and behaviour in order to achieve long term goals–is what disparate modern people from their ancestors. It is another name of self-discipline. Self-control is fundamentally rooted in Pre-Frontal Cortex which is relatively larger in humans than other mammals. This is due to pre-frontal cortex that individuals…

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Pakistan and 23rd March

23rd March, a date embodied in our hearts. No, this is not a date only, it has given us what we had not expected. It is not a day or date, it is a feeling that every Pakistani can feel living in any country of the world. On that date, a dream come true. A…

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Inspired Trait Scholarships – Pakistan Chapter

Deadline:  31 March, 2019 Study in: Punjab University, IBA, UOS Brief description: Inspired Trait believes in helping people achieve their goals. Being socially responsible, we provide financial assistance to the brilliant students. This scholarship will cover the semester tuition fee of the students. Host Institutions: Punjab University, IBA, UOS Field of study: All Number of Awards:…

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“Hey! How’s your baby? A girl or a boy?” All the advancement of 21st century has failed us to break free the chains of gender discrimination. Offering different criterias and rules of living to the same age boy and girl of the same family is the biggest dilemma of Easterns. Though males and females are…

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For some people, not getting the thing you utterly wanted to have by your side, but for me depression is: “Despite of having everything a man could possibly dream off, still you feel vacant inside!” A multi-Billionaire owning all the commodities, possessing all the luxuries, spends hours inside the bank for the calculation of unimaginable…

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Women Empowerment

The strengthening and self-rule of ladies and the improvement of their political, social, monetary and wellbeing status is an exceptionally vital end in itself. Also, it is fundamental for the accomplishment of feasible advancement. The full investment and organization of the two ladies and men is required in beneficial and conceptive life, including shared duties…

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Fiza Ehtisham

Salut! This is Fiza Ehtisham. I am an IT expert currently working as a Freelancer plus writing is my passion and I want to spread my knowledge through my words. Sharing our knowledge with others makes us more powerful. And this IT person is always ready to learn new stuff. No matter from where the…

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