Modernism followed industrialization , industrialization caused dramatic changes in the whole world. These changes were in one or another way related with material. Industrialization made people materialistic and people started becoming “modern”. What does this word mean, there can be as many interpretation as many minds there are. One of the simplest meaning of this … Read moreMODERNISM OR ESCAPISM

Epistemology: Belief and Truth

Knowledge is considered to be an act of knowing the truth. Epistemology places knowledge somewhere between truth and belief. Thus knowledge is always subjective to our whims and beliefs. The whims and beliefs get mixed up with facts to alter the ultimate truth. Earth had been flat for years because it was horrifying for us … Read moreEpistemology: Belief and Truth

 The Road from illiteracy to Terrorism

Today the global world is facing a lot of issues in different phases but one of the main and basic problem is terrorism. Terrorism and illiteracy have a strong relationship with each other by the start of human life. Illiteracy refers with the lack of education or knowledge which only leads you to shame and … Read more The Road from illiteracy to Terrorism

Apathetic behaviour of our society

Apathetic behaviour is to not having feelings, emotions above all sympathy for others. As far as apathetic behaviour of society is concerned it’s really nasty that how indifferent they are towards others. We must observe how we are doing and going. Nowadays, people are unconcerned towards their blood relations then how can we expect them … Read moreApathetic behaviour of our society

Make Bridges – To Bring Harmony in Society

First question arise here that what’s ‘Making bridges mean?’ It means to make a contact between two very different things or people. I’m going to share a harsh example, but the truth. It’s about making the bridges between liberals and Extremist (Well, every single person is extremist in their own self, but here extremist are … Read moreMake Bridges – To Bring Harmony in Society

The Extinct Species and the Human Role in 21st Century

Since the implementation of the endangered species act in 1973. ESA has been able to save 227 species. At the start of the 21st century, a total of 17 animals species is extinct. Its all due to the irresponsibility of human beings as human beings kill the natural resources. As economic growth has increased in … Read moreThe Extinct Species and the Human Role in 21st Century

Rights of Minorities in a Progressive Society

Minorities are a small group of people who are marginalised on the basis of sexism, racism and religion. Minorities rights should be protected because there is a great danger of violation of their rights by the majority group. Majority group might feel them superior and blaspheme minorities rights and harass them. Transgender minorities As in … Read moreRights of Minorities in a Progressive Society


A convention is a conviction or conduct go down inside a gathering or society with representative importance or uncommon hugeness with roots in the past. Basic cases incorporate occasions or illogical however socially significant garments (like legal counselors’ wigs or military officers’ goads), yet the thought has likewise been connected to social standards, for example, … Read moreOUR FORGOTTEN TRADITIONS