¬†ABSTRACT: Having the folic acid supplementations could reduce the first occurrence, as well as recurrence, of neural tube defects. We know well that the women of our population have low density of vitamins and minerals in their diet so, the folate intake is also at the poor rate. During pregnancy the need of folate increases … Read moreFOLIC ACID INFLUENCE ON THE OUTCOME OF PREGNANCY

Holistic role of diet in controlling zinc deficiency

Introduction: Enhancing zinc admissions through dietary enhancements is an unpredictable errand that requires impressive time and exertion. The utilization of zinc supplements, dietary adjustment, and bracing nourishments with zinc are the best strategies to battle its lack. It’s essential for mending wounds and making DNA, the hereditary plan in the majority of your cells. you … Read moreHolistic role of diet in controlling zinc deficiency

Health Benefits of Ginger

Anti inflammatory: Ginger is anti inflammatory in nature as it contains the compound Gingerol. Gingerol is a bioactive compound. Naturally present inflammatory compounds helps to strengthen the immune system. Inflammation in excess amount can cause serious disease like celiac and fibromyalgia. Regulate blood sugar: Ginger also has ability to regulate blood sugar level of your … Read moreHealth Benefits of Ginger

Food Hygiene

Hygiene: Hygiene is a set of performs did to reservation health. According to the World Health Organization, “Hygiene mentions to circumstances and applies that help to uphold health and stop the banquet of diseases.” Personal hygiene mentions to preserving the body’s cleanliness. Food hygiene: This is a condition and measure that are needed to ensure … Read moreFood Hygiene