Minah Tanveer

Interested in writing articles on inspired living and inspired women. Though’ These are two different things But I know these are the main topics in our society Inspired living is the main and big topic Everyone like to inspire bright ‘high and the things which make society better’ which make people better ‘which make lives … Read moreMinah Tanveer


¬†ABSTRACT: Having the folic acid supplementations could reduce the first occurrence, as well as recurrence, of neural tube defects. We know well that the women of our population have low density of vitamins and minerals in their diet so, the folate intake is also at the poor rate. During pregnancy the need of folate increases … Read moreFOLIC ACID INFLUENCE ON THE OUTCOME OF PREGNANCY

Holistic role of diet in controlling zinc deficiency

Introduction: Enhancing zinc admissions through dietary enhancements is an unpredictable errand that requires impressive time and exertion. The utilization of zinc supplements, dietary adjustment, and bracing nourishments with zinc are the best strategies to battle its lack. It’s essential for mending wounds and making DNA, the hereditary plan in the majority of your cells. you … Read moreHolistic role of diet in controlling zinc deficiency


                                Love Love is the most beautiful feeling man can ever feel. Love is defined as when a person see his own qualities in another person. He starts attracting towards the person. For example, if you are caring and someone starts caring about you. You will start attracting. And people called this love. Love overcome … Read moreLove

Ahmed Ch

Ahmed Ch here!! I’m doing Computer Science. All I’ve got in my life with me is Confidence. Confidence takes you to heights of glory. My aim in life is genuine. My major interest is to study War, History and reign of Emperors. Recently, I discovered a coveted talent of mine, and that is My passion … Read moreAhmed Ch